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Bridge measurements

In 2007 Starmountain carried out a pilot project for Rijkswaterstaat, developing a measuring method for the determination of the vertical clearance of bridges under QA/QC.
Despite spans of up to 300 metres, the requirements were that the measurements had to be done contactless (no one was allowed on the bridge) and with an accuracy of 0.05m in X/Y and 0.025m in Z.

Bridge measurement for passage height determination
The HogeweidebrugIn cooperation with Geovisie the project was successfully completed with accuracies well within requirements. In addition to the actual results this project resulted in the Dutch governmental survey department's procedure Productspecificatie Brughoogten in which is described how these kind of measurements should be conducted.

Integral part of the bridge surveys is the height transfer to the other shore by means of a water crossing survey, which we can now perform at a first order accuracy.

Objects measured by Starmountain can be found here.